Atl “Midtown Atlanta” in Ahlers & Ogletree’s October 28th Auction

Oil on Canvas, 15 x 30 in, Framed 21 x 36       Status: For Sale at Auction  

“Midtown Atlanta” (Atlanta, Georgia)

More on this piece:

$1,500-2,000 Estimate

Signed and dated lower left “R. Vojir 2006’”. Titled verso.

Ahlers & Ogletree Auction Gallery is a full-service auction gallery strategically located on Miami Circle in the historic Buckhead district of Atlanta, one of the Southeastern United States’ largest commercial and financial centers.

The auction is held on October 28th, 2022 TBD PM EST at 700 Miami Cir NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

Bidder’s can also bid via phone or via broadcast live bidding platforms:

“Boston’s Beacon Street” in Eldred’s August Auction

Oil on Canvas, 15 x 30 in, Framed 21 x 36       Status: For Sale at Auction  

“Boston’s Beacon Street”

(Boston, Massachusetts)

More on this piece:

“Boston’s Beacon Street Nov 16, 2008”

Signed and dated lower left “Vojir 2008”. Titled verso.

Sold for $2,100

Founded in 1947, Edlred’s is the oldest continuously operating auction house in New England! The piece is in Eldred’s Summer Contemporary Art Auction

August 17, 2022 5:00 PM EDT, East Dennis, Massachusetts

P.S. there’s also a nice John Terelak painting up for auction as well

2020 NYC Salmagundi Club Open Exhibition – November 10th-20th, 2020

“Times Square on New Years Eve” selected to the 2020 Annual Painting, Sculpture, & Graphics Exhibition The piece is also FOR SALE: “$10,000. Visit the show to see it and others!

Founded in 1871, the Salmagundi Club is one of the oldest art organizations in America

Visit the Club at its location at 47 Fifth Avenue, New York City, New York, 10003 just a couple blocks Southwest of Union Square.

New milestone: En plein air oil painting on five continents

I started painting in 2002 but really didn’t get away from a studio and start painting outside for two more years. Since then I’ve hauled my easel around and painted ‘en plein air’ (outdoors in French) in almost two dozen cities around the world.

At the end of 2019 I had the fortune of visiting Argentina and capturing the below view of the Country’s Congress made a career milestone of being out in the elements, capturing the incredible views, and conversing with locals on five continents. A few choice selections of my outdoor ‘offices’ over the years:

South America

Pintor Vojir en buenos aires
Congreso de la Nación Argentina. En Buenos Aires


painting in Asia
Seoul, Korea and Tokyo, Japan


Tangiers, Morocco

In Marrakech, Morocco


En plein air painting in Lisbon

And of course North America

In Brooklyn (cold as F… ) on a winter day capturing the Brooklyn Bridge

Overlooking the USS Constellation and Baltimore Harbor, Maryland

En plein air in Central Park, New York City

feature times square
Time Square

Miami, Florida

Time Square, NYC

Hollywood, California

Flatiron, NYC

Oceania up next!


City Key: COMPLETED, Visited & Sketched, Future


Albuquerque, Anchorage, ATLANTA (2), AUSTIN, Baltimore, Birmingham, BOSTON (2), Buffalo, CHARLESTON, Charlotte, CHICAGO (3), CINCINNATI, CLEVELAND, COLUMBUS, DALLAS (6), Denver, Detroit, El Paso, FT WORTH, Honolulu, HOUSTON, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Knoxville, LAS VEGAS, LITTLE ROCK, LOS ANGELES, Louisville, Lexington, Memphis, MIAMI, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Mobile, Nashville, NEW HAVEN, New Orleans, NEW YORK (8), Newport, Oakland, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Providence, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, SAN ANTONIO, SAN DIEGO, SAN FRANCISCO, SEATTLE, St. Louis, Tampa, Washington, D.C. 


Amsterdam, Athens, Bangkok, Beijing, Berlin, Budapest, BUENOS AIRES, Cairo, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Delhi, Dubai, Dublin, Edinburgh, FRANKFURT, HELSINKI, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jakarta, Jerusalem, Karachi, KYOTO, Lima, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Marrakech, Melbourne, Mexico City, MONTREAL, MOSCOW, Mumbai, Paris, Prague, Rio De Janeiro, Rome, Santiago, São Paulo, SEOUL, Shanghai, Seville, Singapore, ST PETERSBURG, Sydney, Tangiers, TOKYO, Toronto, Vancouver, Venice

Updating the site… time for a FOURTEEN year timeline of exploration and creation

A visual of what it used to look like.

* It covers the ‘News’ from my previous site. All news going forward will be in separate posts


Oct 15: Started a plein air painting of Time Square:


24 Apr- 03 May 15: Had a great trip to Morocco, Spain, and Portugal!

Making it 4 continents now that I’ve painted en plein air on! Destinations included Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, Tangiers, Seville, and Lisbon. Below are a few images of me painting:

In Marrakech


Feb-Mar 15: Working to finish the last two seasons (Winter and Spring) of my seasonal quadtych of New York City.4-seasons-NYC

The series features landmarks Bryant Park (with the Empire State Building), Central Park South, SOHO/East Village (with the Chrysler Building), and the Central Park Conservatory Water Pond.


15 Dec 14: Finished a large commissioned Atlanta Cityscape just in time for the client’s Christmas.


03 May 14: Started the spring version of my 4 season New York cityscape series en plein air from City Park:

In Central Park

21-23 Feb 14: Visited Minneapolis, Minnesota. Awesome trip in a very cold place to include a future winterscape.


16 Feb 14: Painted the Brooklyn Bridge en plein air on a very cold day! Had to head into a coffee shop just to finish the underpainting.

In Brooklyn (Cold as F… )

01 Feb 14: Finished “South Beach Art Deco at dusk


06 Dec 13: Started my first painting of Miami:

In Marrakech

09 Nov 13: Painting at the Conservatory Water Pond in Central Park!


EVENT: 06 JUN 13: Moved to New York City! Keep on the lookout for a new blog and many great cityscapes painted en plein air! 

AWARD: 27 FEB 13: Was selected as a finalist for the 2013 Hunting Art Prize with my ‘Goin’ back to Houston‘ entry.


EVENT: 29 NOV 12: About a dozen of my pieces will be up at Vino 100 wine bar for the holidays.

They’ll have variety of cheeses out and all glasses of wine are 50% Off until 7pm. Look forward to seeing all you!         * my work will be up at Vino 100 til Jan 24th

26 NOV 12: NEWSLETTER No. 8 (2012) newseltter-pdf2.jpg


Vojir-Skull_with_cigar_and_whiskey-unv-LEVENT: 10 NOV 12: Completed a 18″ x 18″ piece title Skull with Cigar and Whiskey in just 8 hours for the charity art auction ArtCon.

It was a modern twist on a Van Gogh’s satirical ‘Skull with cigarette‘ It sold for the highest amount they had ever had in their first round (before social lubrication 😉 with over a dozen bids on it in the 8 years they’d been running the charity. Boom!

27-30 SEP 12:
Spent two days in Baltimore including a Thursday night NFL game (Browns v Ravens) and two days in DC.

Artistically I only focused on Baltimore this trip. ‘Charm City’ didn’t disappoint and I was pleased to see the city is doing a great job with redevelopment.

85-artist-baltimore   93-baltimore-harbor-art

Atop Federal Hill in Baltimore with the famous Domino’s Sugar plant and sign in the distance.

EVENT: 20 SEP – 13 OCT 12: “I Can See Myself” A collection of self-portraits by Texas artists group show Kettle Art.


ARTICLE: 11 SEP 12: “Dallas Artist Completes Magnum Opus of the World Trade Center Under Reconstruction” featured article on


30 AUG 12: Watch the Youtube video of the entire artistic process for “Twenty Seven Cranes” – Bringing the WTC back to Life:

04 JUL 12: Spent a few days in NYC including a Circleline Boat Tour. The WTC is progressing nicely and caught some great images of Americana in the Big Apple.


Empire State Building, WTC from the Hudson River, and Macy’s Fireworks

DEC 11 : Created a new Facebook page link below.  Like it and thanks for following!


02 DEC 11 : NEWSLETTER No. 7 (2011)  newseltter-pdf2


NOV 11: During my visit back home for Thanksgiving I managed to get some great visuals to create a tonalist dirty ashcan like painting of Cleveland’s largest Steel Mill on the banks of the Cuyahoga. Can’t wait it’s gunna be a great piece!


EVENT 13 OCT 11: “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” was auctioned off at the 2011 16th annual Treasure Street in Dallas, TX to benefit the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.


29 JUN 11: Updated progress on: Ground Zero with the WTC 1 under construction. < still not sure about the name for it.

Still gauging necessary changes for the larger piece so I included an overview of edits (angles, heights, and some coloring) in on the study’s page.

JAN 11: Had a 4 x 8 foot frame made for my magnum opus: Ground Zero with the WTC 1 under construction.


01 FEB 11: New site redesign (finally) done. Worked hard on it so PLEASE share it with others via any of the several ways at right!!!

02 JAN 11 : NEWSLETTER No. 6 (2nd Half 2010)  newseltter-pdf2


15 NOV 10: Donating my Columbus Painting to my alma mater Ohio State during president Dr. E Gordon Gee’s visit.

Dr Gee

“Time and change will surely show”

3-11 NOV 10: Had a GREAT trip to Asia. Got some painting in at some incredible sites in Seoul, Kyoto, and Tokyo.

painting in Asia.gif

Plein air painting in S. Korea and Japan

23 OCT 10: Always love a visit to the Big Apple!

Flatiron, NYC

Plein Air Painting in the Flatiron District

EVENT 08 OCT 10 : “White Rock Lake” will be auctioned off at the 2010 15th annual Treasure Street in Dallas, TX to benefit the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.


SEP 10: “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sold to a collector in …Vegas (surprise).


26 JUL 10: Just finished a “Midwest tour 2010” including Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Louis.

Over 2,000 miles of driving during 9 extremely hot & humid days but myself and my dog made it through with a great trip and appreciation for how unsuspecting cool these cities are.


At the Observation Deck of the Sears errr ‘Willis’ Tower

10 JUN 10 : NEWSLETTER No. 5 (1st Half 2010)  newseltter-pdf2


01 MAY 10: Had an incredible wknd in L.A. …especially Hollywood and Manhattan Beach. The hospitality I was shown was first rate! Definitely plan to come back again soon.

Painting from above Hollywood and Vine on Drai’s patio at the W Hotel (note the cool Capitol Records building from the 50s).


Visiting the Hollywood Sign

20 MAR 10 : 1 year after adding Google Analytics to my site it has seen 8,187 unique visits, from 80 countries and 609 cities! Gotta get that bounce rate down though!

02 FEB10 : “George Bellows: An Artist in Action” by (Mary Haverstock) 

So I’ll be honest. I went into this book somewhat biased already as an admirer of Bellows works that I’d seen …and additionally because we were in the same fraternity at Ohio State (just a decade or nine removed 😉

The book is just near perfect. The book is the perfect size at 160 pages, not too short, nor too long to keep the interest. The book includes not only his paintings; but also lithographs of his sketches, and photographs of him through the years. The accompanying text is easy to read, very informative, historically detailed, and includes many insightful Bellows quotes. One leaves the book with a new found education of life in the early 1900s and wondering what Bellows more Bellows might have produced if not for his early death.


VIDEO JAN 10 : R. Vojir – Modern Cityscape Oil Painter video created reviewing most of my paintings from when I started in 2004 up until last year.

BOOK REVIEW 04 JAN 10 : “John Singer Sargent: Figures and Landscapes, 1874-1882; Complete Paintings: Volume IV”

Ok so the title says ‘complete paintings’ which is somewhat misleading. The whole volume series maybe his complete paintings, but this (final) volume of the series is not. This book goes into incredible detail (446 pages …for just one volume!). It covers his travels, correspondence, similar and influential works by other artists, and EACH of his work’s provenance listed in absolute detail. The images are high quality and it even nicely provides lighter versions of some very dark works and one x-rayed work! My biggest impression was how sick of a drawer Sargent was …he could have been famous on his drawings alone!

Overall: If you are a huge fan of Sargent’s work and have plenty of time to read; this book of the entire series is certainly for you. If however you are looking for a more abbreviated singular overview of his works (as I was); there’s probably alternate book that would be better suited.


EVENT 14-21 DEC 09: “Holiday Art Blitz at Third Space” my work will be displayed at Third Space for a holiday blitz. (Third Space is located right next to Neiman Marcus downtown)


DEC 09: Be sure to check out Dallas Art News for the latest and greatest goings on in the Dallas Art seen!


OCT 09: Back from Vegas. Had a great time at the Palms playing roulette and hanging at Ghostbar.

Got a some photography and sketch time in too of course!


Visiting my buddy Chris. That Vegas sign is 50 years old people!

EVENT 02 OCT 09: “Magnolia Nocturne” will be auctioned off at the 2009 28th Annual Black Tie Dinner in Dallas, TX to benefit the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

I was honored to be asked to donate a piece to this huge million dollar charity event as well as support friends in the gay and lesbian community.

19 SEP 09: 6 months after adding Google Analytics to my site it has seen 1,254 unique visits, 6,509 page views from 65 countries and 609 cities! Not to shabby for a young artist no?


One question. Where’s the love Greenland, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran 😉

AUG 09: “Cleveland in the Fall” sold to a collector in New York.


EVENT: 01-29 AUG 09: McKinney Avenue Contemporary (MAC) Show: “Fifteen.. ANYTHING!” The piece “Two Alarm” will be in show.


28 JUN 09: Visited NYC …always a favorite.


Sketching in Times Square

31 MAY 09:
The 1st annual D Art Slam was a tremendous event.

Met a slew of incredible up-and-coming artists and collectors. Looking fwd to next yr!



23 MAY 09: NEWSLETTER v4 (Mid-2009)   newseltter-pdf2


EVENT: 29-31 MAY 09: Selected for the “D Art Slam” at the Fashion Industry Gallery (f.i.g). 1807 Ross Avenue. Dallas, TX.


Times: Fri 11-7, Sat 11-7, Sun 11-4

27 APR 09: Update: I have been informed that “Flag of the Corps” (auctioned off at the 2009 Navy and Marine Corps Ball) has been very generously donated by it’s buyer to be displayed aboard the brand new (LHD-8) USS Makin Island Amphibious Assault Ship (a big one too)… quite an honor for me!


20 MAR 09: So a friend told me to add Google Analytics to see info about visits to one’s site.

I was incredibly (and pleasantly) surprised to see visitors from all over the world [FYI: somehow Google can locate IP addresses locales (for better or worse;) ].

Sorry but I just have to brag a little. From Auckland, New Zealand to Edmonton, Canada, São Paulo, Brazil to Tampere, Finland all in just one month!


Wished I added this months ago… pretty cool eh?


EVENT: 18 APR 09: “Maverick Excitement” sold during the live auction 2009 Art for Darfur at SMU’s Owen Fine Arts Center.


EVENT: 28 MAR 09: “Flag of the Corps” auctioned off at the 2009 Navy and Marine Corps Ball in Washington D.C. to benefit the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.


7news_clip_image002.jpg ARTICLE: 26 MAR 09:“Dallas artist combines his love of travel with his love for art by painting cityscapes” featured article in the Art section of Pegasus News .


21 JAN 09: Viewed Olin Travis’s (20th century regional Texas painter) exhibit at the MAC. Portraits, cityscapes, landscapes, and visions…truly interesting works.


28-31 JAN 09: Visit to Montreal, Canada.

04 JAN 09: NEWSLETTER v3 (1st Half 2009)   newseltter-pdf2


14 DEC 08: “White Rock Lake” completed en plein air.


13 DEC 08: “Midtown Atlanta” available at Lagerquist Gallery Atlanta’s oldest contemporary gallery.


15 DEC 08 – 15 JAN 09: Frankfurt and Helsinki works showing at the Knox Henderson Starbucks in Dallas


05 DEC 08: “Boston’s Beacon St.” for sale at ARTANA Gallery just west of the Boston Common.


01 DEC 08: Frankfurt completed.


28 NOV 08: Read “the impressionists” by Corinne Graber and Jean-Francois Gullou. I highly suggest it.

It provides tremendous insight into their lives. The privileged few, the impoverished majority of them, Zola’s optimism to Degas miserable temperament and Van Gogh’s naive and noble yet consistent failures. One can never fully understand their lives but after a few years of painting I can empathize with their frustrations at the art world for not ‘getting’ the gravity of what they were undertaking, their frequent solitude, and their wonder at the world as we live it (not as mythology, legend, nor abstract). Their only real comfort was their lifelong camaraderie.

08 NOV 08: Helsinki completed.


17 OCT 08: “Midtown Atlanta” included in the Anne Irwin Fine Art Gallery Atlanta Cityscapes show.


16 OCT 08: Five works showing at the Starbucks in West Village.


10 OCT 08: “Corps Flag” completed for charity auction.

EVENT: 06 SEP 08: I’ll be at Adobe Western Art Gallery in the Ft. Worth Stockyard area from 6-9 for a meet the artist event.


23 AUG 08: Purchased a beautiful Lajos Markos. It is a graven image of a Paris Street Scene. Great viewing and a great study for me.


14 AUG 08: “Midtown Atlanta”
for sale at Twinhouse Gallery on Peachtree Rd. in Atlanta.

12-18 AUG 08: Cruised the country from Dallas to Cleveland capturing shots of Shreveport, Huntsville, Knoxville, Louisville, Nashville, Memphis, and Little Rock.


02-29 AUG 08: McKinney Avenue Contemporary (MAC) Show: “Gastronomia | erótica y estimulante.” “After Strawberries” piece entered in show.


10 JUL 08: NEWSLETTER v2 (2nd Half 2008)   newseltter-pdf2


26 JUN 08: “Cleveland in the Fall” completed. Can’t wait to take it back home in August for sale.


19 MAY 08: Returned from NYC with some good yet mostly rainy and overcast images of the city in spring. Always love to visit the Big Apple!


Crossing the East River to Brooklyn

11 MAY 08:
Viewed the J.M.W. Turner (major influence on impressionists) exhibit at the DMA. His two works “The burning of the Houses of Parliament” were incredible!


24 MAR 08: “Boston’s Beacon Street” completed


16 MAR 08: “Erin Go Braugh!” Me and my college buddy Brian took in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and got lucky with zero rain.

Hat’s off to the Southie neighborhood for a great parade. Check out the future painting here.


St. Patrick’s Day – Boston

28 FEB 08:
“The morning fog may chill the air… I don’t care.”


Vista Point – Sausalito, CA

10 FEB 08: “The Big ‘D‘ ” sold


25 JAN 08: Captured views of Frankfurt, Germany (best ones from the River Main).


Paulskirche Plaza

I spoke broken Spanish with an elderly woman at this Cafe because I don’t speak German and she didn’t know was pretty funny.

23 JAN 08: Captured great harbor views of Helsinki, Finland.


Helsinki North Harbor

18 JAN 08: NEWSLETTER v1 (1st Half 2008)   newseltter-pdf2


14 DEC 07: “Big ‘D’ at Night” on display in the Oaklawn Ave. Starbucks (3330 Oak Lawn Ave Dallas, TX)

16 NOV 07: “Ft Worth Stockyards and Skyline” for sale at Adobe Western Art Gallery in the Ft. Worth Stockyard area.


12&13 OCT 07: Captured more views of Austin and new ones of San Antonio and Houston.


Remember the Alamo!
…seeing the National Historic Landmark while in San Antonio.

30 SEP 07:
Returned from Cleveland with some shots of downtown from ‘the Flats.’


27 SEP 07: “Summer in New York City” (true to the nightowl form) is completed at 2:16am.

Damn, almost busting out one a month, lol! Getting quicker (or more obsessed?) and better. Now ‘turning to’ on completing “Red Square” and Marine Corps Flag.


Working on Summer in NYC

26 AUG 07: “Ft. Worth Stockyards and Skyline” completed. “Summer in NYC” and “Red Square” in work.


23 JUL 07: “The Big ‘D’ “ is complete. Waiting some time to dry and varnish…then show! “Ft. Worth and Stockyards” coming along nicely.


JUL 07: Google and Yahoo begin displaying my images of my paintings.


26 JUN 07: “Sunset on Mckinney Avenue” sold (first sale) for over a grand.


07 JUN 07: “The Big ‘D’ ” is is nearly 2/3rds done.


15 APR 07: Placed “Sunset on Mckinney Avenue” also on display at the Columbus Square Starbucks (2801 Allen St. Dallas, TX)


22 MAR 07: Placed “Maverick Excitement” on display at the Columbus Square Starbucks (2801 Allen St. Dallas, TX)


12 MAR 07: Returned from Charleston with great prospective photos to use.


MAR 07: launched and my first paintings go public!


28 JAN 07: Austin Luna Eclipse completed and still building up a pieces for my first showing.


15 NOV 05: Returned from Russia with great pictures of St. Petersburg and Moscow.


With my Dad in Moscow’s Red Square, 2005

MAY 05: Completed first cityscape painting: “Evening of May 31st, 2003, Chicago, IL”… just under the wire of one year.


FEB 04: Not wanting to get my sister and her new husband china or a damn toaster for their wedding gift I decide to sneak away during the wedding and take pics of the Allerton to create a memorable gift for the newlyweds…a painting of where they were married.


16 JUN 02: Discovered Edouard Cortes cityscape paintings at Kamp Gallery, Chicago


~ The Beginning ~