R. J. Vojir [pron. ‘Voy-er’ (Czech)(b. 1975)] born in Cleveland, OH and currently resides in New York City.

Artistically inclined from childhood,this Retro-Impressionist went to Ohio State and Georgia Tech for design, mixed things up a bit by serving in the Marines, flying helicopters, daylights as a professional interface designer, and is somewhat of a nomad.

While visiting Chicago in 2002, he entered Kamp Gallery (in the Drake Hotel) and a real appreciation of impressionist paintings was awoken. There off to the side, measuring only about the size of a piece of paper and surrounded by other larger, less impressive paintings, was a gem of the Parisian streets painted by Edouard Cortes in the early 20th century. That encounter with one tiny painting ignited his interest to study the Impressionists, especially Caillebotte, (perhaps the original urban impressionist), as well as Arntzenius, Hassam, Bellows, and Cortes at the “Met,” the Hermitage, and other museums and galleries. He now works in a style and feel of the modern urban landscape all his own.

Since 2002, he has ‘allegedly’ trespassed, climbed on roofs, and played chicken with cars and trains as a means to capture views of cities IN OUR TIMES. Moments that will display for generations to come what things looked like in the 21st century.

All the best to you. Follow his travels and work,

R.J. Vojir


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