Oil on Canvas, 14 x 18 inches (35 x 45 cm)         Status: For Sale $1,600.00 USD   purchase.jpg


“Congreso de la Nación Argentina en la primavera”

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Ever since I fell in love with malbec as my favorite wine I’ve wanted to visit Argentina.

A buddy regularly visits Argentina which supercharged experience from an average Spanish not knowing any locals to having a fluent resource with local buddies who help show us best restaurants and bars …good times. Argentines are fun, welcoming folks.

I also knew Argentina was known for some of the best beef in the world as documented by Anthony Bourdain. The country is a great opportunity to enjoy Polo, Boca Juniors football club (home of Diego Maradona), spring brings blooming jacaranda purple trees, Parisian architecture, Mendoza’s (an Austin-like walkable Andes mountains foothill city) bodegas (vineyards) including an incredible EIGHT course lunch at Casarena, enjoying stogies and Aperol Spritz at the Faena Hotel pool (scene in the Margot Robbie/Will Smith movie ‘Focus’).  


For Sale   purchase.jpg