Oil on Canvas, 30 x 15 inches (76 x 38 cm)                                Status: For Sale  purchase.jpg


Autumn in New York City”

More on this piece:

My first painting as New Yorker.

20131109_164116This scene is of the Conservatory Water of famed Central Park near East 74th Street by the Upper East Side. It is of the pond from the Southwest viewed towards the Northeast.

I set down there to plein air paint this great view over two days in November during Veteran’s Day weekend. The piece also includes the radio controlled model sailboats popular with the kids, a couple mallard ducks who frequent the pond, small copper roofed hall, various trees providing an array of colors, and the condos of the UES.

One last thing …there actually was a pretty nice blue sky that day. My phone’s camera can only seem to handle so much light contrast.