Oil on Canvas, 14 x 18 inches (35 x 45 cm)         Status: In Work – Future For Sale  purchase.jpg


Elevador da Bica”

(Lisbon, Portugal)

After spending time in Tangier I left Africa via ferry to land in Tarifa, Spain. Then following a one day trip, and an evening stay in incredible Seville, Spain I got on a bus headed to Lisbon. The trip reminded me of The Doors wanderlust “Spanish Caravan” taking you through gorgeous rolling grass countryside peppered with cattle in the hills of Andalusia, Spain and the Portuguese region of Alentejo.  Then coming down a valley you cross a large bridge over the Tagus River into Lisbon.

Those that that have been to San Francisco, Lisbon is like an old world sister city. It’s quite hilly, with street cars, and a brisk chill through the air. The differences being that Lisbon is on the northern peninsula instead of the southern, of course Lisbon has cobbled streets and architecture hundreds of years older, and makes sangrias like nobody’s business. But for really capturing the uniqueness of the city I chose capturing one of Lisbon’s incline trolleys (aka funicular)the Elavador da Bica!



Future For Sale   purchase.jpg

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