Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20 inches (40 x 51 cm)                       Status:  For Sale $4,000.00 purchase painting

Vojir Painting - Dumbo Brooklyn Bridge in January Framed

Brooklyn Bridge Oil Painting - Vojir

Brooklyn Bridge in Winter”

(New York, New York)

More on this piece:
I started on this piece one gorgeously FREEZING February day. As a huge fan of the Ashcan school artists such as John Sloan and George Bellows (examples below) I wanted to paint a piece that fit in with their work and might even be erroneously guessed as one of their own pieces …if it weren’t for the giveaway of the new One WTC within it.

I started this en plein air just northwest of the Bridge and because it was just 10 degrees fled after 45 minutes to nearby One Girl Cookies in Dumbo to continue on the underpainting and to warm up a chocolate chip cookie and a mocha (don’t judge me pampering myself …you try sketching and painting with thin gloves at that temp for more than ten minutes). The painting is from the perspective of the Main Street Park in DUMBO looking past Jane’s Carousel and across the East River with downtown Manhattan in the background in a nice frozen winter blue tonalist presentation.

Images of this Piece while in work