Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20 inches (41 x 51 cm)                             Status: For Sale $2,500.00 USD   purchase.jpg


“Shibuya Station, Tokyo”

(Tokyo, Japan)


Forget RoppongiShibuya is the place to go in Tokyo for cool nightlife!

209481707_be10e43acdThis crazy high tech neighborhood features digital screens, a scramble crossing were thousands of people cross every day, and a statue to Hachiko …an incredible story of canine loyalty.

I had the opportunity to paint en plein air of this incredible scene before the police (who had seen me painting for awhile) told me I needed a permit (scratching my head). Oh well at least I got a great start and it was cool to have a small gathering of folks watching me work.

Painting in Shibuya …pretty much the Japanese version of Times Square.

Piece and frame reverso


For Sale   purchase.jpg