Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20 inches (41 x 51 cm)                              Status: For Sale  purchase.jpg


Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, South Korea”

With a college buddy teaching English here I was swayed to visit Korea and Japan over a European trip. Having someone to visit makes the trip so much more enjoyable.

Seoul-sketchI stayed at the IP Boutique Hotel (recommend) in Itaewon. Friday night included a Korean a traditional Korean barbeque with said buddy and his fiancee and a healthy amount of Soju  ; )

The city had quite a few great landmarks like the: War Memorial of Korea (which I highly recommend as it provides a great historical view of the unfortunate constant conflicts that the Korean people have had to deal with for centuries), Admiral Yi Sun Shin Statue, and the Gyeongbokgung Palace (which I choose to represent this city). Unfortunately the Namdaemun Gate has a building over it while it’s being restored from an arson fire in 2008 so I didn’t get to see it.


For Sale  purchase.jpg