Oil on Canvas, 18 x 14 inches (46 x 36 cm)                                  Status: Traded for Dinner



Chef DAT Flambe”

(Dallas, Texas)

The piece features NOLA born and raised, Dallas and Belize based, David Anthony Temple aka Chef DAT!

Chef DAT has run underground dinner parties from multiple cities utilizing extremely unique ingredients in several courses. 

More on this piece:

Chef-DAT-in-work-easelI enjoy capturing atypical scenes and paintings of chef’s are pretty rare albeit THE Impressionist himself Claude Monet did capture one Claude_Monet_-_Le_Chef_Père_Paul

with another cool one by Sir William Orpen RA.

LeChef de ''Hotel Chatham

However neither was an action shot so I figured what a great way to make it even more unique by capturing David flambeing. The piece was started at a home on Dallas’s well known Swiss Avenue. He’s of course using sherry to flambe some crayfish and sausage jambalaya, garnish chives at the ready, bell peppers on deck, with NOLA memorabilia on the shelf behind. Chef is capture with his trademark slanted cap, towel over the shoulder, and a mischievous fiery view on his production. 

Chef DAT Flambe Underpainting