Oil on Canvas, 12 x 24 inches (30 x 61 cm)                                  Status: SOLD


“Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada”

More on this piece:

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign at 50 years old is still an incredible gateway to Sin City on the Las Vegas Boulevard.

I have several other ideas for Vegas but this sign is simply so iconic that I had to work this sign in first. Originally planned to be centered and oriented as a portrait, that layout just didn’t portray the desolate expanse that surrounds Vegas. Thus I felt an extreme asymmetrical offset would greatly benefit this piece.

The painting looks north up Las Vegas Boulevard and includes the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Luxor light behind, the rest of the strip and of course the Vegas sign.

las_vegas_vojir_tThis painting was painted in normal fidelity so it isn’t technically a ‘study.’ However I do plan on using this as a reference for a much, much, larger painting because I think this concept (refined several times already) has a lot of potential as a larger piece …so stay tuned!

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