Oil on Canvas, 4 x 8 feet (1.2 x 2.4 m)       Status: For Sale $35,000.00  purchase.jpg

(Benefiting the FDNY Foundation)


“Twenty-Seven Cranes” – Bringing the WTC back to Life

(New York, New York)

I visited New York in October 2010 for a few reasons. To see the city in the Fall (the leaves hadn’t yet changed though), visit with some friends, and see how the construction was coming along at the WTC site. Looking for a good vantage point to capture this enormous undertaking and incredible logistical endeavor I came upon the Club Quarters, World Trade Center whose small restaurant had the perfect view to capture the gravity of it all. This is such a massive site and important subject matter that I plan on this being my magnum opus

* Oh and if you think the perspectives are off, think again: WTC Site Master Plan. The streets are at angles and many of the buildings are polygons!

Take a scroll through the 290 hours process to completion:

For Sale   purchase.jpg