Oil on Canvas, 14 x 18 inches (36 x 46 cm)                              Status: SOLD 


“River Walk”

(San Antonio, Texas)

More on this piece:

San Antonio is a great old town. The River Walk and early 1900 architecture is incredible.

I had never been to San Antonio before ’07 and am really glad I went. The tour boat ride was surprisingly really interesting.

The view is from E. Commerce St. near visionary architect Robert Hugman’s cylindrical office. Hugman was a genius; ridiculed as a fool for developing in a flood prone area in the ’30s he had the last laugh when his designs negated flooding and now the River Walk drives San Antonio’s thriving tourist economy.

It includes: the Drury Hotel, Clifford Building (were Hugman worked), Nix Hospital, Casino Club Building, the River Walk, riverside dining, river taxi and tour boats.