Oil on Canvas, 12 x 48 inches (30 x 122 cm)                                  Status: SOLD

* A 2013 Hunting Art Prize Finalist

Goin back to Houston.jpg

Goin’ back to Houston”

(Houston, Texas)

More on this piece:

Big ole Houston …only a Panorama would do!

I didn’t stay in Houston long but quickly found a great view (as I often do from a roof) of Houston. To be honest I hadn’t heard to many great things about Houston like the heat and humidity, the traffic, even being dirty. That’s not what I encountered. Houston was very clean and the traffic wasn’t different than any other major city so Houston’s alright in my book. When I finish this painting I look forward to ‘going back to Houston’ and spending more time.

The view is from just east of the Astro’s Minute Maid Park from the Ballpark Lofts; capturing the immense skyline of the city.