Oil on Canvas, 20 x 16 inches (51 x 41 cm)            Status: For Sale $1,500.00 purchase.jpg

Tribeca NYC oil painting Vojir

*Includes Gold Frame (21 x 25 in framed). Click below image for high resolution

Tribeca, NYC

“Inspiration on the Commute”

(Tribeca, New York City)

More on this piece:

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For two years I commuted to Tribeca for work. Not the Financial District but still plenty of Finance there. I noticed getting out the subway at Chambers there was often a cool view looking north. This piece is unique in regards to it’s the first, and so far only one yet, mixed focus viewpoint I have attempted.

This piece has the outer edge out of focus and the inner view uptown in focus. The piece is from the corner of W. Broadway Avenue and Reade St. (of Duane Reade convenient store notoriety). Looking up W. Broadway North there’s: 

  • Western Union Building (near left)
  • Tribeca Park
  • American Thread Building (center red brick)
  • Soho grand Hotel (center)
  • and of course the Empire State Building

En Plein Air painting:

For Sale  purchase.jpg