Oil on Canvas, 14 x 18 inches (36 x 46 cm)                                  Status: SOLD


Cold New Haven”

(New Haven, Connecticut)


More on this piece:

New Haven, where to begin, lol?

I lived here for a year while working at Sikorsky. I had a few good times and made a couple of friends…but mostly I couldn’t wait to get out of this miserable city (and state).

You’re probably thinking wow! Great sales pitch Vojir, lol. Well, honestly everybody has a bad experience with some town and I certainly don’t care to be Kinkade-like in my work and thoughts. I only care to be known as authentically portraying my real-life experiences and being the first to paint every city with character (good or bad).

To me, New Haven is: criminal auto tax ($1,200 an f’n year…NO JOKE!), a plethora of machismo guys, shyster landlords, sophomoric Yale students, and people who don’t make eye contact nor say hello.

Yet on a positive note, it is also home to THE BEST pizza, an incredible St. Patty’s Day parade, the location of The Amistad trial, arrest of Jim Morrison and ONE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL VIEW OF A TYPICAL NEW ENGLAND TOWN (which may have been taken questionably from a roof…again ; )


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