Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40 inches (76 x 102 cm)                                  Status: SOLD


“Cleveland in the Fall”

(Cleveland, Ohio)

Cleveland… proud to say my hometown. Along with NYC and Chicago you’re going to see me paint this city often.

Prior to my Dad and I enjoying the Browns spank the Ravens at the stadium I took this shot as well as Cleveland Panorama. This is perhaps Cleveland’s marquee viewpoint taken from the old Superior Viaduct. With it’s plethora of old brick warehouses, art deco architecture, and old bridges spanning the Cuyahoga River; it is easily one of the top ten U.S. cities of real character.

It includes (left to right): the B&O railroad jackknife bridge, Key Tower, BP Tower, the Terminal Tower (and one of its resident Peregrine Falcons flying nearby), the Carl B. Stokes Federal Courthouse, the Detroit-Superior Bridge, the Flats Oxbow Association, and the freighter Cuyahoga navigating the River of the name she bears.

 This piece is sold. However you can still COMMISSION a new piece to fit you!

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