Oil on Canvas, 30 x 15 inches (76 x 38 cm)                                Status: SOLD (Eldred’s Auction House *11 Bids)

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“Boston’s Beacon Street”

(Boston, Massachusetts)

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My first (of hopefully many) works of the Boston which I love to visit due to its history, character, and chowdah!

0790418-R1-050-23AAfter letting Woody run around Boston Common I decided this view of Boston’s historic residences looking west down Beacon with the Common on the left (south side) was certainly worthy of painting. It includes: a mother and son walking, snowplow, postal truck, the Somerset Club, my car, and a man walking his, yes… Boston Terrier ;)

Interesting note: to the left of the view resides a memorial to Col. Robert Shaw and the all-black 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry dramatized in the movie “Glory.”

Details. And yes that’s a, wait for it…  Boston Terrier (at right) :

Boston_Cityscape_kid.jpg  Boston_Cityscape_lantern.jpg  Boston_Cityscape_somerset.jpg  Boston_Cityscape_terrier.jpg

In work:



Enjoying Beantown: