Oil on Canvas, 18 x 14 inches (46 x 36 cm)                                  Status: For Sale  purchase.jpg

 $ 1,000,027.00 (USD)


Audentes fortuna iuvat”

(“Fortune Favors the Bold” – Virgil)
(New York, New York)

More on this piece:

In lieu of the ridiculous sale prices of the Giacometti’s absurdly simple and ugly L’Homme Qui Marche I (Walking Man I) for £65 million demonstrating that a good portion of the art industry has become a joke; I am now selling this original oil painting for a price to command what my work is worth even while alive. One million dollars isn’t too much for some multi-millionaire desiring a portrait of the quintessential symbol of capitalism …with the added benefit of providing capital to an artist to continue my ‘business model’ of capturing paintings across the world. 

I decided on that title in mid-2008. Ironically painting the scene in a rainy environment combined with the current economic climate makes me wonder if ‘Weathering the Storm’ might have been more apropos.

DSC03244That said the ‘Charging Bull’ was a gracious gift to America from the Arturo Di Modica following the ’87 stock market crash. His work was placed at the NYSE, confiscated, and after public outcry, placed in Bowling Green. Visitors rub his Nose, Horns, and yes …Bronze Balls for financial good luck.

The flag poles display:
1. The American Flag (with POW flag below)
2. The NYC Flag

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