2020 NYC Salmagundi Club Open Exhibition – November 10th-20th, 2020

“Times Square on New Years Eve” selected to the 2020 Annual Painting, Sculpture, & Graphics Exhibition The piece is also FOR SALE: “$10,000. Visit the show to see it and others!

Founded in 1871, the Salmagundi Club is one of the oldest art organizations in America

Visit the Club at its location at 47 Fifth Avenue, New York City, New York, 10003 just a couple blocks Southwest of Union Square.

New milestone: En plein air oil painting on five continents

I started painting in 2002 but really didn’t get away from a studio and start painting outside for two more years. Since then I’ve hauled my easel around and painted ‘en plein air’ (outdoors in French) in almost two dozen cities around the world.

At the end of 2019 I had the fortune of visiting Argentina and capturing the below view of the Country’s Congress made a career milestone of being out in the elements, capturing the incredible views, and conversing with locals on five continents. A few choice selections of my outdoor ‘offices’ over the years:

South America

Pintor Vojir en buenos aires
Congreso de la Nación Argentina. En Buenos Aires


painting in Asia
Seoul, Korea and Tokyo, Japan


Tangiers, Morocco

In Marrakech, Morocco


En plein air painting in Lisbon

And of course North America

In Brooklyn (cold as F… ) on a winter day capturing the Brooklyn Bridge

Overlooking the USS Constellation and Baltimore Harbor, Maryland

En plein air in Central Park, New York City

feature times square
Time Square

Miami, Florida

Time Square, NYC

Hollywood, California

Flatiron, NYC

Oceania up next!