Oil on Canvas, TBD inches (TBD cm)           Status: Future For Sale  purchase.jpg


Milwaukee Full Moon”

(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)


More on this piece:

I have no idea what Milwaukee is like in winter, but my summer visit was awesome!

Another unexpectedly cool and fun city on my Midwest 2010 trip. Drove up on a Tuesday, picked my grad school buddy up from the airport who flew in from Minneapolis and we proceeded to the new Aloft hotel (dog friendly …hell yeah!), drop the pooch off, and hit the Brew City!

We hit the Grohmann Museum, theMiller Brewery, and the Harley Davidson Museum …all highly recommend! Then of course some brats and beers later at the Hofbrauhaus;)

The piece I’m gunna do for Milwaukee is a great nocturne from the Milwaukee Riverwalk.