Oil on Canvas, 12 x 48 inches (30 x 122 cm)                                  Status: For Sale  purchase.jpg


“La Corona Morado”

(“The Purple Crown” – San Diego)

More on this piece:

Who doesn’t love San Diego?

I received an offer from a local aerospace co. once and wanted to be able to afford a house but unfortunately we didn’t see eye to eye on salary so c’est la vie.

This nocturne includes: San Diego Bay, N. Harbor Dr., Pacific Hwy, the San Miguel and Otay mountains, the County Administration Building, a flight inbound to Lindbergh Field, Emerald Plaza, the “Star of India,” a Carnival Cruiseliner, One America Plaza, the USS Ronald Reagan in port at the U.S. Naval Reservation, Harbor Club Towers, Manchester Grand Hyatt, and Coronado Bay Bridge.


For Sale  purchase.jpg